Lets join the hands

Lets join the hands

Friday, 1 June 2012



Zero to Hero crafts is a project  under Women Rights Initiative for the  women to empower them break the cycle of poverty, be financially independent,  restore self esteem  giving them new hope for the future. Women in Busoga have trouble meeting their minimum household needs due to the lack of support from their spouses, the inadequate incomes families earn and the many children they have. Additionally, the increased levels of poverty have subjected women to gender and domestic violence rendering them vulnerable.   Through this project, women are able to learn about violence its causes, effects, and how to prevent and overcome abuse. WORI believes that an empowered woman is a powerful asset to the community and to the nation this  is why we empower women with knowledge and skills to enable them live a violence free and healthy life.

    Making jewellery out of recycled paper is the current and most important income-generating project for the women. Our wonderfully creative women make hand roll paper into bead shape to make necklaces, earrings, bags, bracelets, coin purses anklets, and belts. Being hand crafted, each design is unique exclusive and hard to duplicate.  We believe our hand made products will interest you that you will want to buy many of them. Our women are encouraged to save up money from their bead sales so they can start up small-scale sustainable businesses to improve the welfare of their families.

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