Lets join the hands

Lets join the hands

Friday, 1 June 2012


Change a life and make a difference with your paper bead purchase.
   All profits from the jewelry sales go to the women that we hold up.  There Possible event ideas to spark your imagination!
 You can host an African Bazaar; create your own “Bead Party” with friends and neighbors. Have fun while making a difference in the world! It's easy and wonderful .just let us know and we'll contact you to confirm/schedule. 
    About one week before your event we will ship you lots of colorful bead necklaces, bracelets and earrings, informational brochures about the women and how the beads are made, photos and stories about the Ugandan women, and Ugandan recipes. You can also include a necklace as part of the registration fee at your organization’s next event/conference.
Sell the necklaces after your church service where “changing the lives of the poor” was the sermon topic. Sell the necklaces at a local craft fair, stores or flea market or at your organization’s huge community-wide garage sale.
You can as well encourage your PTA or school service club to sell the necklaces as part of a service project which reaches out globally, not just locally.
Who Can Do This? Church groups, student groups, service and social clubs, and any other interested organizations or people are encouraged to join our project.
Bead product sales make a tremendous difference in the Ugandan women's lives. It helps them send their children to school, feed their families every day, buy needed medicines, and even start their own businesses. The beaded products can be meaningful gifts to your family and friends, but can also represent a gift of hope and caring to the Ugandan women and their families.

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